Some of our Clients

Innovating traditional loyalty (OVS)

Mall activation & lead generation (Nutella)

Digital retail shopping (Al Tayer)

Leveraging world-of-mouth (Barilla)

Some of our Clients

We work with different types of companies,
business models and industries.

In order for organizations to reinvent themselves
for the digital world we help them create a long
lasting structure and discipline to empower
that transformation.

Above is the list of some of our clients.

Innovating traditional loyalty (OVS)

Make your customer your best promoter

Nowadays reputation and word of mouth are key when your customers have a reach millions contacts at their fingertips. Together with OVS we have built an integrated loyalty program that besides all the standard functionalities is able to track customer’s behavior along all the experience with the brand both off-line and on-line.

OVS has encouraged customers to share their experience with the brand by rewarding their behavior with points on their fidelity card thus making their interaction on digital touch points as important as a purchase in a store. Our loyalty platform Punctis was a the base of this mechanism that drove incredible results.


   behaviors tracked every month



   behaviors tracked every month


Mall activation & lead generation (Nutella)

How to make the favorite chocolate be even closer to your heart

What world would be without Nutella ? Together with Ferrero Asia we made this sentence more personal for Singaporeans. An engagement project part of the Nutella Your Name campaign that incredible numbers.

 1,3 Millions

   organic reach during prelaunch


 10k Custom Jars

   produced during the week of the event



   engagement rate after the event



   reach on social media

Digital retail shopping (Al Tayer)

Digital retail shopping

Who said Retail shopping is going to die? Retailers manage millions transaction but still do not know enough about their customers. Together with one of the largest retailers in the Gulf we have exploited the opportunity by transforming this huge amount of data into actionable insights, targeting specifically each single customer.

Thanks to our platform Predico based on Artificial Intelligence we were able to predict customers purchasing behavior, and drive them towards the products they were wishing to buy. The result was impressive:


   in sales



   ROI of the project


Leveraging world-of-mouth (Barilla)

The most famous Italian pasta conquers South East Asian youngsters

Barilla aims to launch its new product CucinaBarilla to a young and unfit-to-cook target. The base of the project was a member get member program with simple targets: awareness, new users, viral engagement.

DCG has developed the technological asset of the initiative, and define the Strategic Media and Content Development for key markets: Singapore & Malaysia. Results tell the rest of the story,


   organic growth of fanzine new Markets


 Over 200%

   increase of organic engagement


 Lower CPM of 85%



   reach on social media for in-store promotions